Reveal what influences you in life.

While we all possess a combination of influencing drivers, only one is ingrained in us instinctively – so much so – that our actions are sometimes influenced before we can recognize why. Much like a shopping excursion that leaves you with buyer’s remorse wondering why you “did it again!”

Using Food-ology®, the study of linking food habits to personality traits and behavioral tendencies, here is a quiz that gives you an opportunity to get into your psyche and reveal your subliminal influencer.

The next time you are faced with a notable decision ask yourself 3 questions: Why am I doing this? What happens if I do nothing? What are my options? Quickly, you will expose the motivation and the appropriate course and eliminate the tendency of influence over mind.


Look at the HOLIDAY TABLE pictureD above in the header. What attracts your attention “first and most” in the picture?

                  A. The Food             B. The Wine             C. The Overall Ambiance


A.  THE FOOD. You are influenced by reward.  You have the greatest tendency to make decisions based on incentive, compensation or recognition.  You are focused on the prize and often miss out on the experience of “the ride”.  You tend to be impulsive and filled with adrenalin when opportunity knocks.  When approached with a challenge: you question what is the return versus what is the challenge?  Buyer’s remorse is common for you – as “incentives” can sometimes get the best of you. And, you can sometimes be manipulated with on-the-job perks that absorb you, only to wake up one day and question “where did the time go?” or “was this what I wanted for my career/life anyway?”

B.  THE WINE. You are influenced by feelings.  You have the greatest tendency to make decisions based on how you perceive an action, new venture or choice will make you feel.  You tend to bypass peripheral factors that offer tangible insight.  Instead, you rely on your prior experience as the absolute and entertain intangible factors such as “gut feeling” or “superstition”.  With your feelings guiding you, you tend to experience extreme highs and lows in all areas of your life; and have a tendency to run higher risks in your business or personal affairs. You may find yourself lobbying passionately for a project to deaf ears due to the omission of tangible back-up, relying more on ‘concept’ or ‘gut’.

C.  OVERALL AMBIANCE. You are influenced by visual stimuli.  You have the greatest tendency to make decisions based on the aesthetics, attraction or inspiration of what you see.  You tend to be adventurous and impressionable and overcome by new environments hungry to experience as much of it as you can first hand.  You are not a backseat patron in any area of your life.  You are motivated by sight and the passion and experience it affords you. With visual stimuli guiding your choices, you have a tendency to get in over your head (as in over budget) as you are determined to achieve a specific look and feel. Compromise and limitations do not exist in your mind’s vocabulary and you are often chasing another quest that must be had!

© 2009, Food-ology, you are HOW you eat.