What type of couple are you?

Thanksgiving turkey preparation reveals all

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and humility. Well now, it is also a time of introspection on what type of couple you and your significant other are as well. We all know what type of couple we may want to be but here is a peek into what type of couple you probably really are. According to a poll of 75 couples, behavioral food expert, Juliet A. Boghossian, was able to draw prevalent similarities between couples, their lifestyle and their Thanksgiving Turkey preferences. Findings quickly created distinct buckets of couple “types” aligned with different Thanksgiving turkey preparations.

Take the quiz!

How do you and your significant other prefer your Thanksgiving Turkey most? Choose one.

1.      Slow Roasted Turkey with all the trimmings

2.      Braised with select trimmings

3.      Turducken (Chicken stuffed in Duck stuffed in Turkey)

4.      Dine out for Turkey day

5.      Vegetarian


If you chose:

1. Slow-roasted Turkey with all the trimmings.     

You are the traditional couple. As a couple, you are traditional and agreeable by nature. You are known for your politically correct personalities which make you quite coveted as friends and well respected as colleagues.  Dinner and a movie is a typical date night and a “local” restaurant that knows you by first name is your ultimate comfort zone. You also look forward to fine dinners and dressing up, but more so for the memories than the lavish experience. You pride yourself on doing the right thing and are loyal to those that possess similar beliefs or morals. The cons:  As a couple you tend to allow societal pressures to challenge and get the best of your relationship. As a result, your highs and lows can be explosive as you learn to deal with what you want and what society expects of you. Get a handle on both your expectations and agree on your path early and get past this fragile-stage quick!  And finally, don’t get so obsessive on being perfect, ‘to do’ lists will never end so don’t let responsibilities debilitate the adventure in your relationship.

2. Braised (deep fried) Turkey.     

You are the power couple. Contemplative, intelligent and cautious – as a couple you are indispensable to your friends and family, and most importantly to elevating each other’s goals. You are the thinkers – the power couple. The couple with the plan for the best vacation getaway or in-the-know on how to get the best deal on a car. Your follow through and attention to detail is unmatched giving you both the ability to impress your love upon one another.  Your discipline will allow you to achieve anything you set your minds to.  The cons:  Because you are both so capable, many people may depend on you, so time and priorities will be challenged in your relationship, often putting you and your other half second fiddle. Make a conscious effort to dedicate time and attention to each other. Also, because you are so dependable, you will find yourself attending events or committing to things you didn’t really want to – these forced burdens or commitments will wear on your nerves, and yes, eventually your relationship. Learn to say no.

3. Turducken (chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey).           

You are the adventurous couple. As a couple, you are creative, adventurous, curious and independent in thought and action.  You are seldom concerned about popular opinion.  You revel in debate and are the most apt of all the couples to go bungee jumping or parasailing on a 3rd or 4th date.  Moderation and compromise are not in your vocabulary – you believe where there is a will there is a way, and yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. As a couple your ability to listen and absorb information well strengthens your relationship potential as communication is always critical. Highly imaginative and artistic you will always be the trendsetter in your friendship circles. The cons: Fueled by adventure or the latest and greatest whim you are most apt of all the couples to experience bouts of boredom (until your next fancy strikes that is).  As a couple, you need to find a few similar interests that can keep you content on a more long-term basis.

4. Dine out at a restaurant.             

You are the independent couple. As a couple you are confident and independent. You appreciate tradition very much but are not the least bit restricted by it; and oblige only when you feel like it. Your motto:  Live for now.  You work hard and play hard and take calculated risks with little fear. You are seldom guilted into doing something you don’t want to do which doesn’t make you the most popular couple. Arguments will not last long as you will often let things roll off your back. Being very dependent on each other, as a couple, you are most apt to being each other’s #1 priority.  The cons: Your heavy dependence on one another will often strain relationships with friends and family as they will feel slighted. Plan some dates including friends or family and problem solved!  Be careful, if this relationship does not work out your dependence on one another can be debilitating. This relationship is the most apt to stay together out of a fear of separation or being alone.

5. Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving dinner.              

You are the avant-garde couple. As a couple you dance to the beat of your own drum and are seldom persuaded by popular opinion. You are gracious hosts that believe less is more and revel in being unique. You dedicate yourselves to causes you find worthy and look forward to making your mark on this world for positive change. Your ideal time together would consist of anything cultural, thoughtful or activist. As a couple you are ambitious but grounded enough to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy life via well planned vacations. Your opinions are very strong and you often debate with each other feeding your minds and sassy natures. You appreciate the arts as well, always up for a museum, the theatre or a book store with rare fine books. The cons: You have a tendency to alienate those that do not share similar beliefs. While it is commendable to stay true to what is right for you, try and find a way to co-exist with friends that don’t share the same beliefs. Also, you take great pride in your beliefs and when challenged can be quite stubborn, high maintenance or course.

If you’re a traditional couple looking to be more avant-garde, time to change up those same’ol Turkey recipes for the ultramodern lifestyle you yearn.