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August, 2017, This ice cream test is so spot-on it's freaky!




August 22, 2017, What Your Ice Cream Choice Says About Your Personality 




June 1, 2017, On National Donut Day, Dunkin’ Donuts Will Sponsor the First Branded Face Filter on Kik

Along with a sponsored Snapchat lens



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What your eating habits reveal about your personality?



Quick eaters are good multi-taskers, and picky eaters are curious! Food expert reveals what your dining habits say about your personality



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This Is How Your Eating Habits Define Your Personality



The Surprising Way Your Eating Habits Reveal Truths About Your Personality


What your food choices & eating habits say about your personality?


August 12, 2015, Dunkin' Donuts gives fans the chance to discover personality traits associated with their favorite ways to enjoy iced tea - take the quiz here!



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July 8, 2014




July 11, 2014

A scoop of chocolate ice cream equals a ‘dose of happy’


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov



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April 26, 2010, Survey from Starbucks Helps to Introduce New Coffee-Free* Ice Cream Flavors


April 28, 2010, Starbucks launches a new ice cream line - survey by Food-ology aligns personality types to new coffee-free ice cream flavors.



What Kind of Grocery Shopper Are You?







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Things to Watch for on a First Date







Hiring Tricks That Job Seekers Must Know by Maria Hansen




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