"Food-ology links FOOD RELATED HABITS to PERSONALITY TRAITS and BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES. A PORTAL INTO THE LAYERS OF ONE'S CHARACTER. Learn more about yourself and those around you - to support better judgment, improve relationships, increase effectiveness and empower your life. You are HOW you eat." ~ Juliet A. Boghossian, Founder, Behavioral Food Expert


WHAT TYPE OF COUPLE ARE YOU? How you and your significant other prefer your Thanksgiving Turkey reveals what type of couple you are. Are you a Power Couple, Traditional Couple, Adventurous Couple...  Take the Quiz!


Nestled within The One & Only Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Seared is a 4-star Michelin restaurant that will leave it's patrons spoiled and ruined for all other dining experiences to come - as it will be a difficult task to find a restaurant remotely at par.

When you walk into the restaurant you immediately feel an experience awaits you. As if the royal procession has entered, staff is at your service in respectful stance. The ambiance is a chic, adult, upscale atmosphere - candle lights, soul enhancing melodies that inspire you to slow dance with your partner "in your mind". 

The service will surpass the toughest critics with the highest expectations. The fine aged meats are on display as if an Art exhibit, and the wine selection exceptional and once again on display in a glass contemporary room.

Dining at Seared is the equivalent of enjoying the finest day spa - only this is a complete pampering of the palette. From a refreshing spicy watermelon shooter and jalapeno cheese ball starter to delectable pea soup and crème fraiche soup, traditional wedge salad, jumbo prawns, tuna tartar, carpaccio, robust juicy meats as main courses and memorable desserts like the Pear sorbet with pear slice and crème brule. I give Seared a 4-star magnificent rating!



We all possess a combination of influencing drivers. But only one is ingrained in us so much so that our actions are sometimes influenced before we can recognize why. Just think buyer's remorse - what influenced your decision? Take the Quiz and find out!



Creative, resourceful & practical


WHEN LESS IS MORE. Simple, flavorful, healthy, easy to prepare

Heirloom tomatoes, persian cucumbers, scallions and feta cheese tossed with lemon and oil, salt and cracked pepper. Rich with flavor, super easy to make consider a bottomless salad like this with a bowl of pita chips not too far away. Bon appetite! More recipes of inspiration.




Lost is the art of live communication with actual eye contact, in depth meaningful table talk, and handwritten notes of thanks. Now you see cell phones next to your fork, momentary breaks to checks phones and endless photos to prove to the world you broke bread together but was it meaningful? I challenge you. Take one photo as a group before you even order, then power off, and be fully engaged with your friends, family or colleagues. Here are some ways to "connect" on a deeperlevel. More... 

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Q.  “I take a long time to decide [what to order] in a restaurant, but not because I don’t know what I want. I know exactly what I want, and how I want it, but it's not always on the menu like I want it.  So, I keep asking the waiter to switch sides, add extra something while removing something else, changing the dressings, etc... In three words: waiters hate me. I know it means I'm picky, but what else do you think it means?” ~MiG, CNN


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