Nationally recruited behaviorist who researches people and their food related habits divulging one's personality/character. FOOD-OLOGY IS NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD. Insights are drawn through food, then applied to an individuals behavioral tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and preferences in other areas of their life. Insights are keenly applied to relationships, finance, career, family, home, leisure, party hosting, decor, culinary tools, auto/techie preferences, and much much more.

FOOD-OLOGY content/insights offer a psychological SOFT-SELL of your brand. Content so SUBJECTIVE and ENGAGING your audience will THINK DIFFERENTLY about your brand immersing themselves into HOW your brand defines them, their characters, their outlook on life and more. Insights will empower, educate and inspire your consumers while gently introducing your brand and selected products.

Brand awareness, trial and loyalty are all heightened as consumers associate their “selves”  emotionally to your brand and it's specific products. Content that drives action, awareness, and organic discussion further promoting the subject content and your brand.

FOOD-OLOGY offers unique content ranging from editorial features, quizzes, columns, games and more. Easy to apply to your multi-platform marketing formats.

Clients include mega brands such as Starbuck's, UNILEVER, Godiva, Dunkin Brands', Diageo, and Baskin Robbins to name a few. Behavior Expert, Juliet A. Boghossian, offers brands insight/content on consumer behavior related to inform their product marketing. Juliet is a regular contributor to Woman’s World Magazine and a writer whose work/expert commentary has appeared nationally in Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine, Yahoo, WSJ and MSN to name a few.

FOOD-OLOGY insights/content are tailored to support your brand/product/publishing initiatives and are used to:

  • Promote new product launches

  • Support/lead P.R. campaigns
  • Draw consumer engagement on-pack/online/in-catalogue/in-magazine
  • Drive trial
  • Drive frequency of purchase
  • Cross-merchandise
  • Inspire consumer engagement
  • Renew brand/category excitement
  • Reinvent brand identities
  • Stay at the forefront of consumer’s minds
  • Support multi-platform marketing initiatives
  • Engage a loyal audience

FOOD-OLOGY insights are applicable but not limited  to the following categories:

  • Consumer packaged goods - Food, Healthcare, Beverage, etc.
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Consumer luxury goods
  • Travel/Hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Toys/Games
  • Service
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Pet
  • Apparel
  • Sports
  • Retail Franchises
  • Online Retail

To discuss your brand's initiatives and how

Food-ology can help support your goals, contact: 

Juliet A. Boghossian