"Food-ology links FOOD RELATED HABITS to PERSONALITY TRAITS and BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES. A PORTAL INTO THE LAYERS OF ONE'S CHARACTER. Learn more about yourself and those around you - to support better judgment, improve relationships, increase effectiveness and empower your life. You are HOW you eat." ~ Juliet A. Boghossian, Founder, Behavioral Food Expert

IN THIS ISSUE: Life is about expression. Expression through art, music, fashion, food, cars. We look forward to moments we can personalize. Opportunities to dream outside the box. From custom cars to snazzy cell phone covers or couture gowns only a few can wear, the vices for self expression are abundant. And so, why would Halloween be exempt? Here is a peek into you via your Halloween expression, preferences and food related habits.


Are you and your other half the ideal match? Check out your yin and yang pairing here through your preference for Halloween candy!


Time to live vicariously through YOU!  Out with the bucket list, and in with the life list. This Halloween, dress the part you want to live and do 3 things toward that goal.


What does your inner pumpkin say about you? Choose your favorite pumpkin for a deeper peek into what drives you.


RECIPES and Inspiration

The best of all worlds! adorable Halloween theme treat for children and adults alike, no bad sugar rushes, and it's healthy too! Peel open those tangerines, insert a cucumber as a stem and you have healthy pumpkins to savor. Peel your bananas, cut them in half, and use a chocolate icing tube to decorate your make-shift ghosts with eyes and a mouth. Delicious and witty!

More recipes of inspiration.

FOOD-OLOGY ADVICE COLUMN by Juliet A. Boghossian

Q.  “I buy fresh food all the time but have a terrible habit of forgetting about it. Then I go through the refrigerator or pantry and realize what I bought is going to expire in a few days. I do it with everything! Even fruit that you can clearly see will be spoiling soon. The moment I realize I will have to toss it then I frantically want to use it or enjoy it. I'll find myself making jam out of soft berries just so I don't waste it. What does that say about me? I have tried everything to enjoy or use what I have in a timely manner." Anonymous, Rhode Island

A. You, my friend, are displaying characteristics of a person that wants what they can't have, that appreciates things only after they are lost, and finds beauty or purpose in situations and even friendships only after they are gone. As a result, you are often living a half-vested life. When you finally step up to acknowledge or appreciate something or someone you are usually playing catch up, redeeming yourself, or compromising the way something was intended. You are most likely to the person that will shun a great timely opportunity "for later." Then, the moment you realize the opportunity is gone will obsessively try to get it back. Even if that means paying more. It becomes scarce and out of reach which finally creates urgency for you - however, you are motivated by this! If you know you are fueled by this type of frenzy then don't overstock your refrigerator. Buy as you need. Make the supermarket your motivation. Visit more times versus a multi-week stock up. This will keep you engaged live time versus stock piling food that has you yearning to go out for dinner. And in life, take on less projects, slow down a moment, assess what you have and how you live, appreciate those things and make sure you are enjoying them to the fullest extent.     

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