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Induce the "happy" hormone through food!

Happiness is highly subjective. Many view happiness as having financial stability, material objects, an ideal body image or “eating what they want when they want it without feeling guilty.”

After all these subjective wants are done and said, there are actually 3 actions with the power to induce “happy” best: 

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Feeling task oriented and empowered with all that I got done today...

And so, a dish with isolated ingredients seems only fitting to compliment and accentuate this productive mindset!


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FOOD-OLOGY ADVICE COLUMN by Juliet A. Boghossian

Q.  I have this terrible habit of having to wash my fruit myself. Even if I am told the fruit was already washed by friends or family in their home, I still feel compelled to get up and wash it again before I eat it. I won’t eat fruit at a restaurant because of this. What does that say about my personality? ~ Rosslyn B., Washington D.C.

A.  Your need to wash your fruit yourself even if it was already washed by someone else conveys your nature to trust but verify. Others may view you as distrusting, however, you are simply wired (through various experiences in your life) to be cautious, read the fine print, take extra steps to ensure what you want will be what you get. You are a do-it-yourself type of individual that is very independent and self-sufficient. It is difficult for you to delegate and work within a group dynamic since you ultimately ends up doing all the work yourself fearful others may not be as thorough as you. CON: You tend to come across as controlling or obsessive since everything starts and ends with you. PRO: You are thorough and leave nothing to chance. In turn, you often succeed in whatever endeavor you take on. 

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