"Food-ology links FOOD RELATED HABITS to PERSONALITY TRAITS and BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES. A PORTAL INTO THE LAYERS OF ONE'S CHARACTER. Learn more about yourself and those around you - to support better judgment, improve relationships, increase effectiveness and empower your life. You are HOW you eat." 

~Juliet A. Boghossian,

Founder, Behavioral Food Expert


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Your breakfast routine reveals your approach to life

Which habit represents you MOST often? You eat breakfast:

A.  Routinely

B.  Snack when time permits

C.  Beverage only (Coffee/Juice)

D.  Weekends only

E.  Skip it

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Eating speed reveals if you are living life to the fullest

Regardless of where you rank on the life-enjoyment meter, you make your own destiny and are at-will to pace it as you wish. The goal of this study is to provide self-awareness so you may determine if you are on course with the full life you want to lead.

Using Food-ology based empirical research and a self-assessment survey of 50 subjects, four eating speeds surfaced as the most common with distinct characteristics and lifestyles. Each type was probed further to reveal life enjoyment levels based on what feeds their enjoyment, what hinders it and how that makes them feel.

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Craving change? Reinvent the typical to nourish your mood  

Here is a fresh take on a Caprese salad. Try fresh Mint instead of Basil and pulled string cheese instead of Mozarella.

The monotony and lack of creativity on the salad front is driving me nuts!  Simple fix: Change out the typical salad greens for fresh mint leaves as the salad core instead of a garnish, toss with pulled string cheese, tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve with pita chips for that crunch balance - flavor is through the roof. The perfect meal to cure the not-so-hungry boredom blues. 

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FOOD-OLOGY ADVICE COLUMN by Juliet A. Boghossian

Q.  I have this terrible habit of having to wash my fruit myself. Even if I am told the fruit was already washed by friends or family in their home, I still feel compelled to get up and wash it again before I eat it. I won’t eat fruit at a restaurant because of this. What does that say about my personality? ~ Rosslyn B., Washington D.C.

A.  Your need to wash your fruit yourself even if it was already washed by someone else conveys your nature to trust but verify. Others may view you as distrusting, however, you are simply wired (through various experiences in your life) to be cautious, read the fine print, take extra steps to ensure what you want will be what you get. You are a do-it-yourself type of individual that is very independent and self-sufficient. It is difficult for you to delegate and work within a group dynamic since you ultimately ends up doing all the work yourself fearful others may not be as thorough as you. CON: You tend to come across as controlling or obsessive since everything starts and ends with you. PRO: You are thorough and leave nothing to chance. In turn, you often succeed in whatever endeavor you take on. 

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